Voyager Venture is a Singapore-based company providing solutions and services to the food and beverage, healthcare, and biotech industries in the areas of food safety and cold chain management. The company is the exclusive agent for the Tempix smart label time temperature indicator for cold chain management in selected countries in Asia.

The Tempix smart label is a low-cost solution for monitoring cold chain temperature environments on individual packages being transported. Markers on the smart label are irreversibly changed when extended temperature abuse has taken place, so that manufacturers, distributors and retailers are able to audit and properly secure their cold chains, leading to reduced product damage and subsequent wastage.

Temperature Sensitive Chilled Food

Oysters Crab and Lobsters

Chilled seafood such as fresh oysters, lobsters and crabs are best shipped between 0-4 degrees C, while frozen seafood must be kept below -18 degrees C.


Ready-to-Eat Meals

RTE Meal.jpg

RTE meals are either frozen below -18 degrees C, or chilled at below 4 degrees C. Re-heating may not destroy harmful bacteria which grow rapidly above 4 degrees C.


Cut Fruits


Fresh cut fruits and mixed fruit bowls are best transported and kept below 6 degrees C to avoid growth of pathogens and maximise shelf life. 



Wine should be transported and stored between 10-15 degrees C to maintain quality and, or long term aging. Higher temperatures lead to premature aging.

Sushi and Raw Fish


Sashimi grade raw fish like salmon are transported at temperatures between 0-4 degrees C in order to maintain freshness, quality, and safety for consumption.




Fresh salads are transported and stored at 4 degrees C to maintain freshness and prevent growth of pathogens. Condensation will be visible if temperatures are violated.




Sandwiches contain butter, mayonnaise, cheese, and some kinds of meat. They must be kept below 4 degrees C in store to avoid  growth of unhealthy microbes. 

Blood Bags


Red blood cells are typically stored between -6 to 1 degrees C up to 42 days, and if stored below -65 degrees C, can be safely stored for up to 10 years.

Beef and Raw Meats


Frozen chicken, pork, lamb and beef should be kept below -18 degrees C. Chilled meat like beef must be shipped below 4 degrees C as micro organisms grow best in blood.  


Cakes and Desserts


Cakes, desserts contain cream, which must be transported and kept below 4 degrees C so that they can be kept fresh and are safe for consumption.


Milk and Dairy Products

Dairy Products.jpg

Milk, cheese and yoghurt are transported and best stored between 6-8 degrees C so that they stay fresh with good bacteria whilst avoiding growth of harmful ones.

Drugs and Vaccines


Frozen vaccines are stored between -50 to -15 degrees C, while most chilled vaccines are stored below 5 degrees C. Higher temperatures reduce vaccine efficacy.